Loewe Men’s Bag Reveal: XL Puzzle Bag in Tan

- September 30, 2016



Purchased from Paris in May 2016. Will follow up with additional information and a more formal review.

Thank you for watching!


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  • Hihi. May I know how much did you buy this bag for? 😊

    YT Only - 1 week ago

  • I hate this dude. He has my dream bag. I need this.

    Devon A - 1 month ago

  • Hey, I noticed based on your posting date you've had this bag for a while and have likely have some good experience with it by now. I am sorta looking at this one for a work bag and was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your opinion on how it works as a bag for carrying work-related materials (laptop, notepads, books, etc.). I did see in the video you said the laptop kinda flops around: does that bother you at all? Is the volume big enough where the laptop could be stood up on it's side (propped up by other items in the bag)? The zipper opening seems restrictive, any opinion on that? I love the look, but really can't afford to buy it and then not have it work out. Any info would be appreciated.

    ChorusL106 - 5 months ago

  • i was looking for a review of Loewe's military messenger bag but instead found this, this is so nice. keep making reviews. 😊

    Karl Henri - 8 months ago

  • thanks for sharing~ may i ask how tall are u is the L one is much smaller than the xl ? i am still struggling between the L and xl thx

    xinze lyu - 12 months ago

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