Review : Loewe Amazona Bag

- September 30, 2016



Hello Shopaholics, I hope you enjoy this review on my Loewe Amazona bag.




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  • Are you from Singapore

    bonbon Lau - 6 months ago

  • just found your excellent review about the Loewe classic. I have this Amazona 36 in the same color but a later model. Am glad to find a fellow fan.

    jonathan ng - 11 months ago

  • Hi! Love Loewe.. I have 2 bags, the flamenco and fusta 25. Love their leather and hopefully they'll get more popular with the new JW design. I'm in love with the puzzle bag..

    Nadra Suryadarma - 28 months ago

  • I love this bag... finally a review on it! Its not that popular but fell involve with this bag when I saw it on SJP...

    Anannas 2 - 29 months ago

  • hi, i'm really curious, since u own a Loewe, I would like your opinion on this. I'm going to purchase a Loewe boston bag from a 2nd hand seller, but her loewe doesn't have feet, and doesn't have shoulder strap.. How could I authenticate it ? hope to hear from you soon!  :)

    Tina Groans - 29 months ago

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